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TEC Multineedle quiter

AgoMec Quilters

The most advanced quilter available giving a true locked stitch.

Comes in 66",88",110" & 132" widths

Very fast and quiet

Full cnc control with a programme developer that is so easy to use you can generate your own patterns in minutes - apart from the many patterns that come with the machine

Can handle from very thin to very thick material

360 degree patterns

Two bar or three bar design with needles at 1" spacing ( twin line sewing option possible with each needle having its own bobbin so there is no gathering on thin materials)

Tack & jump option available

Intelligent thread monitoring computer that can detect even slip stitch or bobbins running down

8" or 12" carriage movement

One option is to continuously make panels that look like deep quilted ones but without the need to have two operators working hard on it. Many interesting designs are possible with this option.

Of special interest to mattress manufacturers is that the true square option allows the making of mattress borders with true vertical flute design up to 12" deep - but making several borders at a time. An option is a mock side stitch put in as it makes the border which is then cut exactly to length ready for use.

optional wind up unit with border slitting and cross cutting.

Filomatic Thread dectection system on TEC Multineedle quilting machine
TEC mircoquilter
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