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Agomec srl presents a new automatic hemming machine SorfilMatic 2500 responding to a contstantly growing demand for automatisation in the bedding and mattress industries.

The machine was constructed to cut into pannel the quilted material and close it with the double line of sewing.

The main difference of this model from analogues on the market is the position of the side cutting-sewing heads after the cross cutting, which allows to change pannel sizes automatically without stops in production in quilting-hemming line.

The change of pannel sizes is carried out in a completely automatic way under the list of sizes and quantities set up in the programm.

Another advantage of this system is the absence of the material waste while changing sizes.

The cutting/sewing heads have the double transport system and double blades allowing to achieve a higher precision in cutting even on high and elastic materials and to cut few centimeters from the border.

Maximum width of cutting – 2500mm

Maximum length of cutting – 2500mm

Average pannel quantity – 150 pannels per hour

Material hight – up to 60mm

Equipment can be used in line with any quilting machine or indipendently from the roll.